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Job Posting Tips

Communicate effectively with our audience with a well-written Job Posting.
 Writing Your Job Title

The Job Title for your job posting will be shown to our audience as part of keyword and location search results. Write a concise and informative Job Title that compels a job seeker to click through to your full job listing. Include information about the job, location, benefits, skills required within the Job Title. Eg.: PHP developer at, a well funded startup, Bangalore

Company Description

Candidates are very interested in the size, location, work environment and ownership of companies. Write about your company in a way that is informative but that also appeals to the job seekers who are considering applying to your open positions.

Candidate Requirements

Job seekers are more likely to apply to positions that clearly require the skill sets and experience that they posses. If your job opening requires specific skills, programming languages, experiences, education, degrees, GPA , then please clearly describe these requirements within the body of your job posting.

Benefits and Salary

Include information about the benefits you offer as part of employment with your company. Please also include information about salary ranges.

Application Instructions and Contact Information

Provide detailed Application instructions and Contact Information to our audience.  keeps your email address private but also allows you to receive applications by email through our system.

Link to Your Site

Please include a link to your site so that our audience might learn more information about your company.

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